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Hygro Control - Solutions pour les vins et les spiritueux

Give your wine optimal aging conditions

Wine evaporation reduction - High profitability - Less risks of early oxidation

Applications : Barrels room – Bottled wine storage.

Operating Principle :
The patented technology in dry fog production creates and controls high humidity conditions without wetness on the floors or barrels. This avoid any risk of modl or algae development. As a result, wine evaporation is less important increasing turnover due to « angle share » reduction. Moreover « Topping » costs are saved and risks of wine early oxidation are reduced.

Optimal Performance :
HYGRO CONTROL solutions maintain an optimal Relative Humidity rate during all the aging period (between 70 and 80% RH depending on the cellar airflows). As a consequence, wine evaporation is reduced by 30 to 50%. HYGRO CONTROL records also show high return on investment giving results and profits within the same year. Moreover the system is modular and easy to maintain, with low operational costs.

Proven Results :
With hundreds installations around the world in leading wineries, HYGRO CONTROL solutions can provide continual humidity control and all kind of wineries.

Benefits :
- Dry fog production
- Increase humidity without wetness
- Immediate fog integration into the air
- Fully automated control
- Modular system, for a wide range of applications and volumes
- Low maintenance